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Unexpectedly Driven Towards England

The  three dramatic events , which had hit us one after another (between December 2021 and January 2023) after our Saudi escape , were enough to drive us and a few suitcases from our Siargao Island home back to my country of birth, England, for my first winter there in fifteen years. You see, the Chinese construction looked like it was going to take years not months, my melanoma prognosis had left me in a very fragile state emotionally and fear of recurrence dominated my mind, and I had already made a decision to attempt natural healing via the Gerson Therapy , which required huge volumes of organic produce unavailable in the Philippines. Therefore, our fate was sealed: England was next. Of course, we didn’t leave Philippines immediately after my cancer diagnosis in January 2023. Instead, after a traumatic month of skin surgery and recuperation in Davao City in February, we stopped by Ayoke Island for an epic three-week stay in March before returning to our noisy home on Siargao Isla

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